How do you get the most
for your business?

Time the Market.

Sell your business at the peak. When the market values you most. Timing is everything. Your business needs to be ready and be known by all potential buyers, so that when the time is right . . . . $$$$$$$

How do you time the market?

Why Boehringer Capital?

30+ years in the shredding and records storage industries as an operator, owner, buyer, seller, and advisor.

We specialize in difficult transactions. Splitting the business when the parts are worth more than the whole. Timing, tax, equipment, customer concentration and contract issues . . .

Some strategies take years to execute. We must be patient. Timing is everything.

I am you. I have been in your position. I will advise you to wait or walk away if the timing or deal isn’t the best outcome for you and your business.

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