With 30+ years in the shredding and records storage industries as an operator, owner, buyer, seller, and advisor. We are uniquely qualified to help you grow, position and sell your business.


We specialize in difficult transactions. Splitting the business when the parts are worth more than the whole. Solving timing, tax, equipment, customer concentration and contract issues.

Strategic Timing

Some strategies can take years to execute. Patience is key, as the right timing is crucial to getting the maximum value for your business.

Timing is everything.

Sell your business at the peak.When the market values you most.

Sell your business at the peak.


Why Work With Boehringer Capital?

I am you. I have been in your position.

I will advise you to wait or walk away if the timing or deal isn’t the best outcome for you and your business. Some strategies take years to execute. We must be patient. Timing is everything.

After 30 years in the shredding and records storage industries as an operator, owner, buyer, seller, and broker, Boehringer Capital is uniquely qualified to guide you throughout your journey of growing, positioning and selling your business. Throughout my experience, I have found it important to periodically step back, check the value of an investment, survey the environment, and commit to a revitalized strategy.

Together we can determine whether it’s time to test the sales waters or to keep growing.  Boehringer Capital will be your advocate and ultimately help you maximize the value of your investment.

– Mike Boehringer

Michael Boehringer

Founder & Managing Director at Boehringer Capital, LLC

What Our Clients Say

Committed to a Successful Outcome

“We approached Mike to consult on the start up of our shredding roll up. After a few meetings, we asked him to stay on as our CEO and our first employee. Mike and his team successfully acquired and integrated 23 companies in 17 markets with 150 employees in 43 months. As planned, we divested most of the business but kept the record storage markets. Mike went on to other ventures while we attempted to grow the remaining markets. After several years of heading in the wrong direction, we asked Mike to come back and get us back on track and sell the business.  Mike did just that including divesting our southern Illinois market in two transactions. It was the most accretive event for our shareholders in the history of the business. When Mike commits to a successful outcome, he finds a way to win and sees it through to the end.”

– 3GS, LLC, Board of Directors
Knoxville TN

Exceeded Expectations

“We competed against Mike’s shredding business for many years. After he sold his business to Iron Mountain, we evaluated and eventually purchased the EZshred software package that he created and founded. Our paths met yet again when we started to consider selling our shredding and records storage businesses. Naturally, we hired Mike to evaluate the market for us. Having sold his own companies, Mike is very connected and keenly aware that you put your sweat and tears into your business and only have one opportunity to reap those rewards. He was very patient and worked the market for years until he and we felt the deal was the perfect one. He saw an opportunity to separate our business into two different transactions. It was harder to execute, but he managed the buyers throughout the entire process. In the end, Mike negotiated two different transactions that combined were well beyond our highest expectations. Don’t wait until you are ready to sell, hire Boehringer Capital today and let him help you maximize your ultimate pay day.”

– Guido Dilorio & Giovanni Donatelli
NEO Shred, Akron OH

Highly Recommend

“Mike was running a roll up effort that purchased my shredding business. After reviewing the strategy and team, I decided to invest in the company as well. Nine years later, I hired Mike to sell my records storage business in Mobile, Alabama. I highly recommend hiring Mike and Boehringer Capital to sell your shredding or records management business.”

– Bestor Ward
Safe Archives, Mobile AL

Selling your business at the peak starts today. Let’s start the conversation.